7 Luxurious Bath Bombs by Sense Sation
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7 Luxurious Bath Bombs by Sense Sation 7 Bath Bombs Gift Set by Sense Sation aromatherapy bathes Thousands of satisfied customers Made with organic essential oils 7 Luxurious Bath Bombs Gift Set double the size, double the fun! no residues, easy cleanup Best gift idea on any occasion 7 Luxurious Bath Bombs Gift Set 7 Luxurious Bath Bombs Gift Set 7 Luxurious Bath Bombs Gift Set Lavender Bath Bomb (Time Out) by Sense Sation Bergamot Bath Bomb (Feel Good) by Sense Sation Mandarin & Lime Bath Bomb (Pump Me Up) by Sense Sation Rose & Jasmine Bath Bomb (Hot Romance) by Sense Sation Chamomile & Vanilla Bath Bomb (Sweet Dreams) by Sense Sation Eucalyptus Bath Bomb (Get Better) by Sense Sation Rosemary Bath Bomb (Body Boost) by Sense Sation Bath Bombs Gift Set by Sense Sation Perfect gift

7 Luxurious Bath Bombs Gift Set




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Transform your bathroom into your own personal Spa treatment room! Sense Sation Bath Bombs Gift Set *SPECIAL OFFERS (US only):
  • Get FREE SHIPPING on 2 or more sets.
  • Save an extra 15% on 2 or more sets. Enter code: METIME15 at checkout.
  • Save an extra 20% on 4 or more sets. Enter code: METIME20 at checkout.

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Your ME time will never be the same:
Sense Sation™ Gift Set Provides You with AN ENTIRE WEEK'S WORTH OF ME TIME

Depending on how you feel, choose one of our exclusive bath bombs to instantly lift your mood!

Each Gift Set Contains the Following Bath Bombs:

  • Time Out: Helps relieve stress, with the help of calming Lavender
  • Feel Good: Detox your body with powerful Bergamot
  • Pump Me Up: Feel refreshed & energized with the zesty scents of Mandarin & Lime
  • Hot Romance: A sensuous combination of Rose & Jasmine
  • Sweet Dreams: Battle insomnia with relaxing Chamomile & Vanilla
  • Get Better: Eucalyptus clears clogged airways & help you breathe
  • Body Boost: Delightful Rosemary, for those days you need that extra energy kick!

    Bath bombs fragrances

    *** Give Yourself the Gift of Stress Relief & Relaxation with Sense Sation’s Fizzing Bath Bombs Gift Set ***

    Made in USALUXURIOUS GIFT SET, HAND MADE WITH LOVE IN THE USA: Each fizzing bath bomb is made with utmost care in the USA, using the finest natural and organic ingredients, as well as aromatherapy-grade essential oils. All our 4.5 oz bath bombs are gluten and cruelty-free, putting them a cut above the mass-produced, questionably formulated fizzies flooding the market. Plus, our bath bombs leave NO residues in your tub, reducing post-bath cleanup time!

    Aromatherapy7 UNIQUE MULTI-SENSORY AROMATHERAPY FIZZING BATH BOMBS: Add a complete body and mind-nourishing element to your care routine to transform your mood and soothe your aching muscles. Each of our proprietary aromatherapy blends is expertly incorporated in our bath bombs to help you reap maximum stress relief and body restoration benefits. As each bath bomb is colorful, it gradually changes your bath’s water color, adding a soothing color therapy element to your relaxation ritual.

    Satisfaction GuaranteeWE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION: At Sense Sation™ , our customers’ happiness is our top priority. We’re certain you are going to fall in love with your new bath bombs and keep coming back for more sets to gift your friends in need of relaxation! However, should using our product fail to meet or exceed your expectations, contact us within 30 days and promptly receive a FULL refund of your purchase. 

      *** Makes the Perfect Gift ***

      Just like there’s a bath bomb for every mood, our beautifully packaged set makes a great gift for every occasion. Spoil friends and family for the holidays, on their birthday, to say thanks, or just to show you care. Give them the experience of relaxation and bath-time bliss – they’ll thank you for it!

      On the other hand, we completely understand if you choose to keep our bath bombs for yourself! We promise not to tell ;)

      Do like our thousands of satisfied customers and see the difference for yourself!

      1. Fill the tub with water that feels just right to your touch.
      2. Choose a bath bomb, unwrap it and sink into the tub. Drop your bomb into the water and watch it bubble and fizz as it works its magic.
      3. Let the stress float away and enjoy a sensational bathing experience.

      Bonus Tip: Take your experience even further by lighting some candles, putting on soft music, or using an oil diffuser with your favorite fragrance to enhance the scent of your bath bomb.

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      Sense Sation is a health conscious bath & body care company. We produce high-quality bath bombs that are all handmade in the USA with fresh, organic and natural ingredients, and we have many great reasons to buy from us. We are a fast growing company because we always put the customer first. Shop with us today and see the Sense Sation difference.

      Here are just a few of the reason why you should buy from us:

      • All items are in stock & ready to ship.
      • We use Amazon FBA to fulfill and ship your order. We have our products strategically placed in Amazon’s warehouses across the United States. That means fast shipping and delivery.
      • Secure ordering available through Shopify and Paypal checkout.
      • Brand new fresh products, we make fresh batches every week, so your product has not been sitting on a shelf for long by the time you receive it.
      • Wе take рrіdе іn offering уоu thе bеѕt Cruelty-free products mаdе frоm Orgаnіс іngrеdіеntѕ thаt won't cost уоu an аrm аnd a leg. 
      • Paraben, Phthalate, and Gluten free.
      • Our bath bombs leave NO residues whatsoever, which reduces your post-bath cleanup time!
      • Prompt and friendly customer support. All emails and requests are answered within 24 hours.
      • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. 
      • Most customers that use our bath bombs come back for more! 

      Made in USA Made with Organic ingredientsLeaves no residuesCruelty freeSatisfaction Guarantee Quick delivery

      What people are saying about us...

      "I tried my first bath bomb from my box and it was the Feel Good one, it's amazing. I love the smell I love the feeling of the water and how I felt and my skin feels amazing after I was done also." Kari Reger

      "I bought this for a romantic getaway with my girlfriend. We both completely enjoyed it. So calming and therapeutic at the same time. It was great the bath bombs didn't stain our bath and left our body's feeling smooth and hydrated. 5 star review for me!!" Brandon Fougere

      "I love how they tint the water without leaving any mark on my tub! They also smell wonderful, it was like a home spa experience <3" Nancy Smith

      "I bought these as a Christmas present to myself and they are incredible. First of all, the are HUGE; like the size of a billiard ball. I love that they are organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free, and made in the USA. They smell so good, and leave my skin so soft that I don't even need lotion after I get out of the bath. That is saying a lot, since my skin is usually very dry in the winter." M. Martin

      "Oh wow this is amazing bath bombs! I love how they are individually wrapped and says what it is inside. Perfect for giving away one or two as a present. I love how the bath water feels, I have hard water and this just softens the water and my skin. The Get Better one is Eucalyptus for congestion relief and it works! I have tried so many and nothing has helped me. I like the size of these they are medium 4.5 ounce and others have been so small at 2.5 ounce. I just feel its worth every bit of the money. I will definitely buy more and for friends and family too I have everyone hooked on these." Anita York


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      Do like our thousands of satisfied customers and see the difference for yourself!

      Do like our thousands of satisfied customers and see the difference for yourself!

      Questions & Answers

      Ask a Question
      • Do they change the color of the water?

        As a matter of fact, they do. The best part is they won’t leave a mark or stain your tub. We made sure cleanup would be a breeze. Enjoy! ;)

      • Are these vegan and gluten-free?

        Yes, our bath bombs are Vegan and Gluten-Free (even though they are not officially certified). Please also note that our products are and will always be Cruelty-Free – like you, we love our furry friends!

      • Can you use them in jetted tubs?

        Yes, absolutely! Our bath fizzies don’t contain anything that could possibly clog your jets.

      • How big are the balls?

        Our bath bombs are 4.5 oz each, which is approximately the size of a billiard ball.

      • Can I order a gift box of FIZZIES bombs in one scent?

        Hi there, thanks for asking. Since all the fragrances are already printed on the back of the box, it's not possible to order a gift box of only one scent for now. However, you can purchase as much as you want of your favorite scent. It just won't come in a gift ready box. Hope that helps.

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